A photo of Hayley owner of Earth and Nectar standing in the doorway of her pottery studio holding a handmade stoneware mug she has made

Our Story

At Earth & Nectar we recognise the importance of taking time out of our busy modern lives to connect with self and with others.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and bringing ancient wisdom and beautiful traditions to the present moment.

We invite you to take a moment.

Hayley & Robbie - Founders

Hayley, Earth and Nectar owner and founder, sits in the doorway to her pottery studio in the Perth hills

Handcrafting all of Earth & Nectar's functional stoneware - Hayley's love for ceramics began when she fell in love with fine-china teacups in her 20s, earning her the nickname 'teacup' from her husband Robbie. Believing in the philosophy of 'always use your best china' Hayley uses her best every day rather than saving it for special occasions. This led Hayley to specialise in small-batch, modern functional pottery for everyday use.

After completing a degree in Media Arts, Hayley traveled extensively through India and Southeast Asia. It was during this time, Hayley was introduced to the ancient art of tea making. The alluring aromatic blend of masala chai in India, matcha - a truly special tea in Thailand and Japan - and upon returning to Australia bringing back her new found knowledge, Hayley fell in love with ceremonial cacao, a comforting rich chocolaty drink to open the heart and focus the mind.

It was during these moments of preparation, Hayley felt a true connection to self - a thoughtful act to stop, take time and reflect. This alignment of preparing and mindfully consuming a freshly brewed cup of chai, whisked matcha or cacao brought a sense of calm, a grounding ritual to the everyday chaos of modern busyness and distractions in life.

Hayley sitting at the pottery wheel hand throwing a clay mug in her Earth and Nectar studio on her farm in Roleystone in Perth

The Studio

A self-taught potter, Hayley now teaches in her local community and at her home studio - creating beautiful functional pieces which can be used and enjoyed everyday.

Two handmade Earth and Nectar mugs stacked inside one another
Earth and Nectar handmade butter dish with lid
A Earth and Nectar handmade functional pottery set featuring a vase, small soup bowl and large salad bowl
Chickens roaming and foraging freely on the Earth and Nectar farmlet in the Perth Hills

The Farm

Nestled amongst the idyllic, rolling green hills of Roleystone, 30 kilometres from Perth in Western Australia, lies Earth & Nectar. Our family owned farm, where our story began!


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