Beautiful Moments

The Boxed Sets

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Our Australian designed gift sets are made on our farm and infused with the wisdom and beauty of ancient traditions for the present moment.

Each set includes all the ingredients you need (just add hot water and/or milk and sweetener of choice) and the tools to experience a moment of mindfulness - an opportunity for you to reflect and connect.

Choose from either our chai, matcha or cacao sets using only pure and natural ingredients and sourced from around the world where they are traditionally, sustainably and ethically cultivated.

Each box includes a beautifully handcrafted artisan stoneware drinking vessel made in our studio, each one is a special one-of-a-kind piece.

For an extra touch of beauty they all come tastefully presented in our elegant white gift box, so you can use it again and again.

*Please note: the mugs shows in the ceremonial gift boxes are part of our Classic Collection. We do not take photos of each individual mug, so they aren't the exact mugs you will receive, however they will be similar in appearance, size and quality. Any differences in our handmade stoneware adds to the uniqueness of the piece.