The Farm

Welcome to our family farm - it is here where you'll find our pottery studio and edible garden.

Lined with fruit trees and a well stocked vegetable garden, our farm is also home to our flock of ducks and chickens who wander our farmlet foraging for food.

Beehives adorn our property producing nature's golden nectar.

Our small batch honey is pure, raw and unprocessed - it comes direct from our beehives and goes straight into our jars.

Three jars of Earth and Nectar honey sitting on top of a tray surrounded by Earth and Nectar Property. One of the honey jars is open a honey dipper is being held showing the pure, raw Western Australian honey drizzle from the dipper into the jar

Experience all that is Earth & Nectar and join us on our farm at our pottery workshops - we look forward to welcoming you

- Hayley x
Founder - Earth & Nectar

We traded our busy city lives for a quieter one amongst the trees, drawn to the natural landscape and rolling green hills of Roleystone, just 35 minutes southeast of Perth.

Our farm is a special place for our family - it is where we home school our daughter Alice and create beautiful things together. Time spent on our farm allows us to slow down, connect and spend quality time with one another.

Having completed a Certificate in Permaculture Design, Robbie and I, with the amazing support of family, worked on implementing an abundant edible food forest on our farm. The first fruit tree planted, a Mango tree, gifted by my Father.

Between the fruit and native trees, you will find our purpose built pottery studio where I create beautiful and functional pieces for you to use and enjoy everyday.

Join us on our journey and experience the joy of Earth & Nectar through our products.

- Hayley x
Founder, Earth & Nectar

Alice, Hayley's daughter holds one of their chickens on their farm in Roleystone, Perth Western Australia
Hayley and daughter Alice collect eggs from their free range chickens on their farm in Roleystone, Perth Western Australia
Hayley, Earth and Nectar Founder with her daughter Alice pick fresh herbs from the farm's herb garden
Hayley, Earth and Nectar Founder holds hands with daughter Alice both walking through the garden at the farm. Hayley is holding a picnic rug
Hayley sitting at the pottery wheel in her studio, her hands guiding the clay into the shape of a mug
Holding a jar of Earth and Nectar 100% pure, raw honey direct from the Earth and Nectar farm in Roleystone, Perth Western Australia. A honey dipper is being used to show the honey drizzling back into the jar.


Your honey is five stars

- Ryan