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Earth & Nectar

Clay Refills

Clay Refills

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Fine white stoneware clay. A beautifully fine clay, suitable for both hand-building and wheel-throwing. With a firing range of 1240-1300, it suits a wide range of stoneware glazes.

- Classic fine white stoneware
- Smooth and creamy
- Robust and durable
- All purpose, suitable for hand-building and throwing


*Note: free firing is not available on pieces made from clay refills.


Warning: Use in a well-ventilated area. Don't breath dry dust particles. Wipe work surfaces with a wet cloth after use to minimise dust.

Free Pottery Firing

For free firing of your pieces, allow them to dry for two weeks and then book in for a free glaze and firing via our contact page.

On the given date, return your pieces to Earth & Nectar.

Note: due to any additional drying time, bisque and glaze firings, it may take between 4 - 6 weeks to be ready for collection. Note: items cannot be posted to Earth & Nectar as unfired pieces are incredibly brittle and will likely break during postage.

Community Kilns

Alternatively, there are community kilns in many city and country towns around Australia. Here is a small list of community kilns where they offer firing at affordable rates. For example, it usually costs under $5 to fire a mug and they are a great place to meet fellow potters. See our list of venues in Australia, which offer kiln firing services.

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