Image of Hayley's hands creating a handthrown pottery mug on a pottery wheel in her studio in Roleystone, Perth Western Australia

The Studio

Between the fruit and native trees, amidst beehives and wandering ducks lies a repurposed pottery studio which exudes character and charm.

This idyllic studio is where you will find Hayley creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind functional stoneware pieces for our boxed sets. With patience and skill, every piece is meticulously handmade from clay - a precious gift from the earth itself.


Step into the enchanting world of clay and creativity, where every piece is crafted with care and imbued with love.

Join us on our farm or in our local community for a Introduction to Pottery workshop. Together we'll create a one-of-a-kind piece for you to cherish

Handmade Earth and Nectar plate with a etched patter in the shape of a flower

Handmade Earth and Nectar dish in the shape of a shell with an etched pattern on the inside
An Earth and Nectar handmade grazing platter with an etched lace design
Two hands guiding a piece of clay into a mug shape using a pottery wheel


I attended Hayley's workshop twice in the past year with my friends and hubby. It was such a joyful and open hearted experience for all of us, that's why we kept coming back! Hayley is very professional, kind and patient. Her beautiful humble dwelling is very peaceful and full of wonders if you take a little walk in her garden while sourcing out some inspirations from Mother Nature. We had lots of fun creating different shapes from the clay, and painting those vibrant colours over our creations.

- Xin